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Episode 18 - Mike Marshall and Neverborn

On episode 18 I sit down with Mike Marshall (@oldmanmyke) and we talk about his upcoming game against Joel Henry. Mike declares Neverborn as well. For the first time we have no Outcast or Resser faction declared.  And with that the details :

Vassal Map :

Deployment : Flank

Strategy : Reconnoiter

Schemes : Line in the Sand, Protect Territory, Assassinate, Plant Evidence, Power Ritual

Neverborn : 49 ss models + upgrades 4 ss cache 10 models

Collodi - Fated, Threads of Fate, Breath of Life
Vasilisa - Strum the Threads
Widow Weaver
Young Nephilim
Young Nephilim
Brutal Effigy

Thanks again for listening. For pictures of the battle please go to the Twitter account @befwebeg and the Facebook page Before We Begin Podcast. See you all next week.