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Episode 40 - Joe with Yan Lo

July 5, 2015

I sit down with my first ever guest back from episode 1 and bring back Joe from Cheated Fates Radio to talk about the often misunderstood old man Yan Lo with the Ten Thunders flavor. We chat about that Gencon, and even a brief snippet about current theatrical releases. Joe will be facing off in a real life game against Al from Mistakes Were Made podcast and so we skip map discussion as they will be setting that up on their end. We will chat about that in the wrapup chat. All that said another great chat with a great guest. Enjoy.

On to the game setup thus far :

Vassal Map : ????

Deployment : Standard

Strategy : Squatter's Rights

Schemes : Line in the Sand, Breakthrough, Bodyguard, Murder Protege, Power Ritual

Ten Thunders : 47ss of models + upgrades 7ss cache 9 models

Yan Lo - Fortify Spirit, Wings of Wind
Soul Porter
Ama No Zako - Smoke Grenades
Chiaki - Pull of the Grave
Samurai - Favor of Jagoku
Monk of the Low River x 2
Wastrel x 2

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