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Episode 70 - Corbin with Guild

May 16, 2016

Tonight I bring on another member of the Malifaux addicts, Corbin @donteatrawhaggis. We chat Guild and other Malifauxy things and events in our areas and not in our areas. Enjoy.

Vassal Map : Quiet Town

Deploy : Standard

Strat : Guard the Stash

Schemes : Convict Labor, Exhaust Their Forces, Show of Force, Covert Breakthrough, Mark For Death

50ss Crew

Lady Justice -- 4ss
 +Last Stand - 1ss

Death Marshal - 6ss

Death Marshal - 6ss

Executioner - 9ss
 +Lead Lined Coat - 2ss

Guardian - 8ss

Hunter - 7ss

The Judge - 9ss
 +Unrelenting Leader - 2ss

50ss Crew

Perdita Ortega -- 3ss
 +Trick Shooting - 2ss
 +Aura Ancestral - 1ss
 +Os Veo - 2ss

Brutal Emissary - 10ss
 +Conflux Of The Hunt - 0ss

Francisco Ortega - 8ss
 +Wade In - 1ss
 +Diestro - 3ss

Nino Ortega - 7ss
 +Hair Trigger - 1ss

Pistolero De Latigo - 5ss

Pistolero De Latigo - 5ss

Watcher - 4ss

Neverborn :


50ss Crew

Collodi -- 3ss

 +Bag Of Props - 1ss

 +Breathe Life - 1ss

 +Strum The Threads - 1ss

Barbaros - 10ss

 +Pact - 1ss

Brutal Effigy - 4ss

Vasilisa - 9ss

 +A Friend To Talk To - 2ss

Waldgeist - 6ss

Waldgeist - 6ss

Wrath - 8ss

 +Fears Given Form - 1ss

Lilith -- 4ss

 +Beckon Malifaux - 1ss

 +Summon The Blood - 1ss

Primordial Magic - 2ss

Black Blood Shaman - 7ss

Doppleganger - 7ss

 +Retribution's Eye - 1ss

Lelu - 7ss

Lilitu - 7ss

 +The Mimic's Blessing - 1ss

Mr. Graves - 8ss

 +The Mimic's Blessing - 1ss

Silurid - 7ss

Origins Game Con

Carolina Con

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