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Episode 72 - Dreads with Ressers

June 13, 2016

One third of the Flipping Jokers joins me tonight in the form of Mike, or better known as Dreads or the Malifaux hobo. You may have met Dreads as he is almost certainly the most traveled Malifaux player in the US. All that said Dreads takes a break from the Neverborn and comes over to the undead side in a way only Dreads can. He will be taking on another third of his own show Mike Guy who has declared Gremlins. Here are the details for the impending game :

Map : Will be played live, picture will be a table that they will play on that will be similiar.

Deploy : Corner
Strat : Reckoning
Schemes : Convict Labor, Take Prisoner, Exhaust Their Forces, Neutralise the Leader, Set Up


50ss Crew

Wrath -- 7ss

Envy - 8ss

Gluttony - 8ss

Greed - 8ss

Lust - 8ss

Pride - 8ss

Sloth - 8ss

50ss Crew

Yan Lo -- 7ss
 +Reliquary - 1ss
 +Brutal Khakkhara - 1ss

Soul Porter - 3ss

Bete Noir - 8ss

Carrion Emissary - 10ss

Necropunk - 5ss

Toshiro The Daimyo - 9ss
 +Command The Graves - 1ss

Yin The Penangalan - 8ss
 +Unnerving Aura - 1ss

As always I want to give a huge thanks to my first sponsor who is Death Ray Designs. These guys make some brilliant looking mdf terrain, movement trays, base inserts, bases and many other products as well as commissioned model building/conversions and painting. Please give them a look and buy something from them and if you do please type BWB into the comments section when placing your order to let them know that their sponsorship was worth it.

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