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March 23, 2015

So T-shirts are finalized. I will be accepting orders on these from US persons at this time. For anyone in the UK or other European areas, I am working on getting them printed over there and I am very close to reaching a deal there to have them made there. Anyone outside of these areas if you are in dire need of a shirt contact me and I will work to see that we can get you one. All that said the following link is to the site that will have the type of shirt and the myriad of colors available. Please keep in mind that the ink for the printing will be white, so please don't order a white shirt.…

Attached is the picture of the final design as the first design that was posted had some issues due to having to print to various different sizes of shirts.

So how much will the shirt cost you may be asking yourselves. Let me tell you. I will be accepting names to be added to a list below and when the list equals a high enough number I will get the quote for the shirt and shipping and send these details to those on the list. If you really must get your hands on one and are outside the US please contact me and we can try and work something out. The cheapest shipping I can find overseas is $12.


I thank everyone out there for listening to the show and am excited to get these printed and sent out.